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About Best Foot 4Ward, LLC

Why choose our services

As a certified trainer with experience in the insurance industry as an adjuster, field operations manager, product manager, system designer, and training developer, Jim Robert delivers ongoing learning, needs analysis, design, scripting, development, assessment, implementation and evaluation of programs/processes to ensure alignment with business strategy. 

Our process

Jim is adept at identifying and addressing gaps – skill gaps, knowledge gaps, process gaps (people, processes, productivity and progress), and adept at integrating people and process improvements while maintaining a customer-centric focus.

Jim Robert, AIC SLCA

CEO & Consultant

27 Years Experience in the Industry

Having participated in training over the past 40 years, in the insurance industry, I have never met anyone who quite hits it out of the ballpark as Jim does. Regardless of the material, Jim gets it! He keeps himself up to date with the most current training principles. He tackles the somewhat incomprehensible and puts in comprehensible modules of learning. He gives you all that he has and he has a lot to give. 

Joseph Tracey

York Risk Services Group


I just want to thank you again for an amazing 3 days! I have worked for a few other companies and have been in
management for a long time, and I have never sat through a presentation like that...Even with my experience I received a truck load of knowledge and insight from your presentations. I was more than excited to get to the office today and begin a new chapter of planning the improvement of my team and the office.

Robert Jacobsen

York Risk Services Group

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We are always happy to help out!

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