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Talent Development

Are you struggling to find new talent or develop your existing talent?  We're READY to help.

The insurance industry talent shortage is real.  It's here and now.  What are you doing to close the gap?


For the last several years, the insurance industry has been on alert about a serious talent shortage within the industry.  What is causing the talent shortage?​

  • 10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring daily, with 25% of those in our industry

  • Over 400,000 positions are expected to remain unfilled

  • Low unemployment rates nationally

  • Increased demand for professional labor

If you need a steady stream of new talent or help developing your existing talent, Best Foot 4Ward has solutions for you.


of the workforce retired in 2018*


positions will be remain unfilled due to high-demand and small talent pool*

"For years, the insurance industry has failed to engage enough professionals to help bridge the growing skills gap resulting from impending retirements.  Now the mass talent shortage is here and insurers must take action."

Gregory P. Jacobson, CEO

The Jacobson Group

Where should you look to fill the talent gap?

woman returning to workforce
college student
office woman
asian man
Look beyond the resume for qualified talent.

The target audience to train for entry-level positions in the insurance industry:

  • Recent Graduates

  • Retired Military

  • Second Careers

  • Trainees on Staff

  • College Alumni Associations

  • Staffing Agencies

These and other professionals are great candidates and will benefit from Best Foot 4Ward's 12-week certification program to prepare them for a rewarding new career in the insurance industry.

There are more job openings than people.

empty chair
And Best Foot 4Ward has a solution.


The empty chairs have the potential to negatively impact your business growth, productivity and customer loyalty.  In addition to strategies that will help you develop and retain your good staff, you must find and attract new talent.  As a result, new hires are no longer just an up-front cost, but an investment that requires time and focus to mature.

Are you READY with a steady stream of qualified new hires for your staffing needs today and tomorrow?

insurance trainee interview

You cannot grow your business without additional staff, no matter how great your product is and how many clients are knocking on your door.  Ironically, for high growth companies, what made you great – the strength of your talent pool -- is also what will quickly put you at risk.

Best Food 4Ward offers a 12-week program through the Adjuster Training Academy to develop both the core skills needed to perform the technical aspect of a role, as well as the soft skills that are crucial to long term success in the insurance industry.  


The program prepares students to begin working in the insurance industry as a Trainee Adjuster.  With additional on-the-job training, these graduates will be qualified to work in other, more complex roles, such as:

  • Adjusters

  • Examiners

  • Unit Managers

  • Field Inspectors

workplace training
Need to develop your existing talent?  Enroll your current staff in our insurance training academy to prepare them to move up and grow within your organization.
Ready to hire new talent?  Contact us to hire qualified graduates from our Adjuster Training Academy that prepares new talent to work in the insurance industry.
"Faced with an aging workforce, impending retirements, and an increasingly shallow talent pool, young professional and recent graduates are the key to combating the industry's growing skills gap."

David E. Coons, Senior VP

The Jacobson Group

What you can do to retain your current talent?

job interview
  • Don’t just talk the talk - Companies that say they care about their employees but when under pressure act in ways suggest otherwise quickly get a bad reputation.  Making your customers #1 does not mean you can treat your employees like #2.

  • Focus on your people - If you want to know what a company cares about, look where it spends its money! Is it getting wider near the top of the organization or near the bottom?

  • Prepare current staff for today AND tomorrow – A recent statistic states that companies continue to spend more each year for training.  Oddly, less that 7% of those expenditures were allocated to skills training.  This is a short-sighted view in an industry with a talent shortage.

We are READY to give you the talent you need right now.

Best Foot 4Ward has a solution to serve both industry and individuals by leveraging over 27 years of industry experience to develop and deliver a curriculum that prepares individuals to be productive and successful in the insurance industry.

Our unique Adjuster Training Academy prepares qualified individuals for a new career in the insurance industry in 12 weeks.

Best Foot 4Ward attracts, trains and screens applicants to serve in administrative, technical and leadership roles. 

group training
READY for a steady stream of well-developed talent?  Look no further.

Forward-looking insurance organizations that get ahead of the impending talent shortage will ride the wave to unimagined success, while the rest will be buried by it.

Best Foot 4Ward will help prepare your organization while providing a steady stream of qualified new talent.

What do you need help with today?

We prepare new talent for a rewarding career in insurance.

We prepare your existing talent to move up in your organization.

We provided targeted skill-building for staff and leaders.

We are READY to help you hire new talent and develop your existing talent.


Contact us today to learn more.

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