Managing Your Time

Everyone gets the same amount of time each day.  When we say we don’t have time, it is really about the choices we make.  In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Manage yourself first

  • Set priorities

  • Identify and overcome your time "vampires"

  • Manage interruptions effectively

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Being able to write concisely and with purpose is an essential skill for employees at all levels of an organization.  In this course you will:

  • Learn/review techniques for writing clearly

  • Tailor your written messages to preferred communication styles

  • Practice your writing skills and receive feedback

  • Use written communication to gain competitive advantage

Effective Business Writing and Documentation

Coaching for Higher Performance

Many leaders view coaching as something “extra” that they have to fit into their day to develop their team members.  However, a coach is what you are, not only what you do.  This course lays the foundation for:

  • What Coaching is and what it is not

  • Root cause analysis

  • Gaining commitment from your team member

  • Coaching to multiple generations

  • Coaching with an IDEA in mind

  • Creating a specific Action Plan for an employee

Leaders cannot coach and provide effective feedback if they don’t first have strong objectives.  In this course, participants will:

  • Explore the structure and purpose of an objective

  • Identify common pitfalls of objectives

  • Discover how to manage to the objective

  • Create specific objectives for a common functional role on their team

Setting Objectives

Resolving Conflicts

Conflict is inevitable in the workplace, and how you respond to it as a leader is critical. This course enables leaders to resolve conflict by:


• Identifying causes

• Learning prevention techniques

• Demonstrating the right level of assertiveness

• Applying a 5-step confrontation model to address conflict as soon as it has been identified


Best Foot 4Ward offers customized courses, delivered on-site to develop your team.

Leadership Courses

Our courses will provide supervisory staff with training in core leadership areas to enhance their skills in directing and developing their teams.  

  • Coaching for Higher Performance

  • Goal Execution

  • Resolving Conflicts

  • Setting Objectives

General Courses

Our courses will provide your staff with practice in core areas that will enhance their skills in communication, writing, and the overall quality of the claim file. 

  • Managing Your Time

  • Effective Business Writing and Documentation

  • Proactive Claims Handling

Customization Options

Every course we offer may be customized to meet your learning objectives and bring your mission, values, and culture to life.

  • Design Customized Classes

  • Organization Details

  • Case Studies & Role Plays

  • Models, Systems, & Acronyms

Leadership Courses
Goal Execution

It is one thing to be able to set organizational goals; it is another thing to have the ability to execute.  In this course you will learn how to take the goals of your organization and translate them into actionable activities.  These activities will then be self-regulated by the team.

General Courses
Proactive Claims Handling

A key element to an adjuster’s success is their ability to be proactive when handling claims.  This module addresses both the technical skills needed (fact gathering, the order of handling) as well as the soft skills (communication, empathy, questioning techniques).


Customization brings your mission, values, and culture to life!

Best Foot 4Ward will combine almost three decades of expertise with your challenges to provide a seamless training experience focused on your unique objectives.  

What can you expect in our customized courses?

Here are some examples:

  • Organizational specific details, such as your company values

  • Case studies and role play activities based on your teams’ environment

  • Adding client or state specific training as you define

  • Using file notes from your files

  • Leveraging your reporting format for documentation training

Customization Options
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