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Insurance Careers

Start a New Career

Want a new career in the insurance industry?

Tired of working a job that doesn’t stimulate you?  Inconsistent or not enough hours?  No benefits?  The insurance industry is facing a severe talent shortage and needs people like YOU to join them in a new career!

Why the insurance industry needs and wants YOU!

In 2015, there were an average of over 243,000 job openings at any given time, and that number is expected to rise due to steady industry growth.   In 2016, McKinsey & Company reported that 25% of professionals in the industry are expected to retire by 2018.  That creates opportunity for the right person, right now, to embark on a new career in the insurance industry.

There are many great opportunities in the insurance industry to start a new career.  With the right training, seasoned professionals, new graduates, and people seeking to change jobs can obtain a satisfying and rewarding career in the insurance industry.


of the workforce retired in 2018


positions will be remain unfilled due to high-demand and small talent pool*

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Start your new career today!

Learn more about insurance career training through Best Foot 4Ward's Adjuster Training Academy.

Contact us today to register or get on our list to be notified when classes are offered..

"People may not think of insurance as the most glamorous industry in America, but it does offer stability, challenge and growth to those who choose the profession."

Dona DeZube

Monster Finance Careers Expert

From her online article entitled, "Look to the insurance Industry for Job Stability."

Read article:

Why the industry needs you

Insurance Industry Growth:  That right time is NOW!

growth chart

If you want to change careers, improve your income, and move into an industry that is challenging and rewarding, the insurance industry may be the perfect fit for you.  The industry has been steadily growing for over 10 years, and is predicted to continue that trend through 2022.  There are unlimited advancement opportunities in a variety of specialties, from an adjuster to agent to underwriter to management.

Jim Robert Best Foot 4Ward LL
Best Foot 4Ward will help you prepare for a new, rewarding career in the insurance industry!

Best Food 4Ward offers 12-week programs for insurance career training through our Adjuster Training Academy to develop both the core skills needed to perform the technical aspect of a role, as well as the soft skills that are crucial to long term success in the insurance industry.  


The insurance claims adjuster training program prepares participants to begin working in the insurance industry as a Trainee Adjuster.  With additional on-the-job training, graduates will be qualified to work in other, more complex roles, such as:

  • Adjusters

  • Examiners

  • Unit Managers

  • Field Inspectors

The industry needs YOU to meet their growing needs.

While the insurance industry continues to grow, it is facing new challenges for the products that it sells, which is fueling the need for talented staff.

  • Houses and cars are getting “smarter” and therefore require expertise to handle losses that occur. 

  • Consumers are savvier and educated about their options and have information at their finger-tips 24/7. 

  • The costs of medical treatments are still on the rise.  

  • In auto insurance alone, both the frequency and severity of claims has increased substantially over the last several years. 


All of these factors are fueling the industry's need for recruiting, hiring and training additional staff.  Professionals interested in changing careers, new college graduates, and people returning to the workforce are finding meaningful, challenging work in the insurance industry.  To begin, start with insurance career training through one of our claims adjuster training programs in Florida.

insurance industry growth chart
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There are more job openings than people.

That's great news for you!

The insurance industry desperately needs new talent to fill entry-level positions and are targeting individuals in these groups:

  • Recent Graduates

  • Retired Military

  • Second Careers

  • Returns to the Workforce

Is the insurance industry a good fit for YOU?

The job opportunities in the insurance industry are a great fit for people who want to:

  • Change careers

  • Improve their income

  • Enjoy more income potential

  • Have growth opportunities

  • Be challenged and rewarded

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Seize this incredible opportunity to begin YOUR new career today!
Start now by enrolling in one of our our insurance claims adjuster training programs.
What careers are available in the insurance industry?
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Entry-level careers in insurance cover a variety of fields which include:

  • Adjusters

  • Agents

  • Brokers

  • Support Staff


In addition, there are  numerous career tracks and specialities in insurance lines including:

  • Auto

  • Property

  • General liability

  • Life insurance

  • Workers compensation

  • Health insurance

  • Disability insurance

Although you will receive substantial on the job training, you still need to possess some core skills and attributes to start a new career in insurance!  You may start today by enrolling in one of our claims adjuster training program in Florida.
What salary can you expect as a trainee in the insurance industry?

Salaries with benefits for trainees start in the upper $30s to low $40s and talented staff often move up quickly in role and salary.

After a few years in the insurance industry, employees will find numerous opportunities to branch into other parts of the industry.

I’m interested - how do I get started?

How do you get the experience you need to get a foot into the industry?  Visit the Adjuster Training Academy and learn more about our 12-week courses for insurance claims adjuster training to begin your new career in the insurance industry!  Then contact us to register for the next class.

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Contact us to learn more!
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