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Are you SET to onboard and mentor your new hires effectively?


Over two-thirds of employees are more likely to stay for 3 years with great onboarding*


New hire retention is 50% higher in organizations with a standard onboarding process*

After the expensive and time-consuming process of recruiting, screening, and hiring great talent, organizations often struggle to onboard and mentor new hires effectively.  Strategic onboarding accelerates the time it takes to help a new hire become productive. 

Onboarding is not the same as training.

It’s the point at which you immerse your new hires in your company culture, values, mission and fundamental practices.  It's time spent immersing new hires in your brand.

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Structured onboarding helps you ingrain your culture and best practices even in periods of rapid growth. 

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Onboarding is a critical first step for new hires and one you cannot afford to ignore.

Effective onboarding programs will include:

  • Initial career paths

  • Objective setting

  • Effective mentoring approaches

  • Core coaching

Best Foot 4Ward has the expertise to create a robust onboarding programs.
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Three Tips for Recruiting and Retaining Top Insurance Industry Talent*
  1. Create a positive onboarding experience

  2. Provide proper training and support

  3. Communicate with your employees to let them know they matter

Effective onboarding requires strong leadership.


Leaders can facilitate the onboarding process and accelerate time to full productivity while lowering the turnover risk.

Best Foot 4Ward will develop your leadership team and prepare them to mentor, motivate, and develop existing staff and talented new hires.

We are SET to help you create an effective onboarding process for your organization.


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