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Adjuster Training Academy

Begin a new career in the insurance industry or advance your existing career through Best Foot 4Ward's insurance training programs!

Adjuster Training Academy
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Next auto trainee course starts soon.  Please contact us for more details.

Best Foot 4Ward is dedicated to developing future employees by introducing untapped groups of people to the insurance industry.  Qualified trainees are introduced to a comprehensive insurance career training program as part of Best Foot 4Ward's Adjuster Training Academy to prepare them to begin a new career in the industry.  


In addition to insurance-specific training, the trainees will be equipped with core skills in these key areas: 

  • Technical skills for the insurance industry

  • Customer service

  • Time management


The trainees receive continuous coaching and mentoring from Best Foot 4Ward for a long and productive career, in an industry that cannot survive without them. 

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"The Best Foot 4Ward Training Academy has undoubtedly given me a head start in the insurance industry.  It taught me real, practical skills that translate directly to the work I do each day.  If you want a new career like I did, I can't think of a better place to start."


Patrick W. DeWitt

Academy Graduate

Who will benefit from the classes offered through the Adjuster Training Academy?

If you are looking for a new career

Individuals who will benefit greatly from the 12 modules offered through the Adjuster Training Academy, include:

  • Recent Graduates

  • Retired Military

  • Second Careers

  • Those Returning to the Workforce

Graduates are ready to obtain entry-level positions in the insurance industry as Trainee Adjusters after completing one of our claims adjuster training programs.

If you want to advance in the industry

Current industry staff will benefit from one or more specific modules offered through the Adjuster Training Academy to enhance your skills and knowledge. 

Best Foot 4Ward will bring standard or customized training on-site at a location of your choosing to develop individuals and teams within your organization.

Class modules
Catastrophe/Property Desk Adjuster Course
red sports car auto insurance
This course addresses both the technical and soft skills needed to successfully perform the desk adjuster role including;
  • File (and time) Management
  • Effective Communication
  • Policy review – Dwelling, Homeowners, and Commercial (Commercial is optional third day)
  • Basic construction
  • Reviewing submissions from Field Adjusters
  • Dealing with Public Adjusters and Attorneys
  • Subrogation

Please contact us if you would like to be notified of upcoming classes.  The homeowner portion is 4 days, with a 5th day optional for Commercial.

Auto Trainee 
red sports car auto insurance
Course Overview
  • Introduction to the Insurance Industry
  • Personal Auto Policy (PAP)
  • Proactive Claims Handling
  • Reviewing Auto Estimates and Settling First Party Claims
  • Effective Business Writing and Documentation
  • Liability Analysis
  • Business Auto Coverage Form (BACF)
  • Bodily Injury
  • Settling Third Party Claims
course length cloc
Course Enrollment Options
- Single Module or Class
- 12-Week Program (one night per week, 2.5 hours)
- Customized Fast Track Program (1 to 2 weeks)
Introduction to the Insurance Industry

This module introduces participants to the insurance industry, and how the claims examiner fits into it.  Participants will receive the policy handbook and binders, as well as discuss the overall scope of the course, schedule, and introduce themselves to the other participants.

insurance photo
Personal Auto Policy (PAP)

These modules cover a detailed review of the Personal Auto Policy (01 05 Version), including the following sections:     

  • Part A – Liability Coverage

  • Part B – Medical Payments Coverage

  • Part C – Uninsured Motorist Coverage

  • Part D – Coverage for Damage to Your Auto

  • Part E – Duties after an Accident or Loss

  • Part F – General Provisions

  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) - FL

Proactive Claims Handling

A key element to an adjuster’s success is their ability to be proactive when handling claims.  This module addresses both the technical skills needed (fact gathering, the order of handling) as well as the soft skills (communication, empathy, questioning techniques).

insurace claims handlig
auto insurance repair estimates
Reviewing Auto Estimates and Settling First Party Claims

This module discusses what to look for in an auto estimate and the process for settling the insured’s claim.

Effective Business Writing & Documentation

This module focuses on writing skills that are concise, purposeful, and include the critical documentation components required in the claims handling process.​

insurance writing and documentation
liability analysis
Liability Analysis

This module explains the elements of liability required to be present for a claim to be valid, as well as issues that impact the level of exposure.  Additionally, we review how various states laws impact the extent of negligence.

Business Auto Coverage (BACF)

These modules offer a detailed review of the Commercial Auto Coverage form (10 13) Version, including the following sections: 

  • Section I – Covered Autos

  • Section II – Covered Autos Liability Coverage

  • Section III – Physical Damage Coverage

  • Section IV – Business Auto Conditions

  • Section V - Definitions

business auto coverage
Bodily Injury

These modules explain the components of an injury claim, as well as factors that impact the extent of exposure. Participants are also introduced to types of damages claims and proper reserving techniques.  The review of injury claims continues with the evaluation of medical bills.  Participants will use their assessment of the medical bills to evaluate the injury exposure and develop a rough settlement plan.

Settling Third Party Claims

This module combines everything the participants have learned in the course, and asks them to settle the third party’s claim.  The settlement process includes justifying their evaluation to the client, negotiating a settlement, and completing the necessary paperwork to finalize the claim.

third party insurance claims

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