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Support Services

How can you ensure that training will have the intended results and protect your investment?

Before Training:  Investigate What's Needed

To ensure learning is focused on the right skills and development opportunities,  Best Foot 4Ward offers the following pre-training services:

  • Needs Analysis

  • Branch and File Auditing

  • Process Review/Improvement

After Training:  Energize the Learner

As learning is further leveraged when the concepts are reinforced on the job, a variety of support services are available:

  • Individual Coaching/Mentoring

  • Team Engagement    

  • Role Playing

  • Case Studies

  • Accountability
Without use and practice of what they know, people
forget 25% in 6 hours and forget 33% within 24 hours*

*Source:  Training and Development, April 2001

Specialized Consulting Services

With over 27 years of claims experience, Best Foot 4Ward is available to perform a wide-range of consulting service, including:

  • Assessing programs or books of business

  • Program claims' audits

  • Claims expertise

We are ready to provide support services and consulting to help you achieve your desired results.

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