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Leadership Development

The strength of your organization is dependent on the strength of your leaders.

Developing solid leaders is crucial to your organization’s growth and overall strength. The talent shortage in the insurance industry is affected by leaders who are retiring, making it all the more imperative to develop emerging leaders and to have a competitive edge.

New leaders often struggle with the fact that they are no longer the main “doers” of the work, at which they may have excelled.  They are now tasked with getting department or organizational goals accomplished through others’ efforts.  This involves a change in mindset as well as a whole new set of skills. 

Our leadership courses will help your new leaders embrace their new role and develop the core skills they need to be successful.



of managers find it difficult to communicate with employees*


of US workers are not engaged at work*

Explore Leadership Courses

  • Coaching for Higher Performance

  • Resolving Conflicts

  • Setting Objectives

  • Goal Execution

People are a big investment for every business.

Leadership development protects your investment.

Consider the risk and expense of leadership decisions from hiring to promotion.
people are an investment and risk

The leaders of your organization are hired to make decisions and take risks that allow the organization to achieve its goals.  Many of those decisions and risks involve people, from hiring to promotion.  The risks involving people - especially specific individuals -- is sometimes less predictable than the other types of risks.  One opportunity to lessen the people risks is through leadership skill building. 

Best Foot 4Ward is committed to helping you mitigate people risk through the following activities:

  • Having Strong Leadership - This is important at the ground level.  Most staff define the company by the actions of their direct manager.

  • Creating a Teamwork Environment - Stronger teams lead to stronger accountability (conduct) and cohesiveness (culture)

  • Fostering Open Communication - Unfortunately, the need for this type of organizational development often arises after an event and management needs to “fix it” instead of taking a more preventive approach.

Best Foot 4Ward's goal is to develop the skills of individuals and leaders in order to grow their confidence, which will help them create an environment that leverages the collective skills of the talent base, fosters teamwork, and allows them to get out of the way. 
Leadership development is critical to achieving results.
The ability to lead people effectively — people-leadership skills — is roughly three to four times more important to a leader’s career success than are other skills and knowledge.

The Carnegie Foundation, Forum research, and multiple other studies over decades

Leadership Courses for Front-Line Supervisors to C-Suite

Best Foot 4Ward delivers engaging, customized content that will enlighten and inspire your leaders from front-line supervisors to the executive suite.

Leadership Courses
  • Coaching for Higher Performance
  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Setting Objectives
  • Goal Execution
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Behavioral Interviewing
leadership courses

We will help you develop your leaders to achieve organization results and growth.


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